Fun facts about Ceylon black peppers.

Pepper is South Asian tropical spice which is largely used as a seasoning spice which contained many medicinal values as well. But there are unique characteristics in Ceylon pepper. Only Ceylon Pepper contain high piperine value up to 8% – 10%.Also the flavor & the aroma is unique to a significant level.

Pepper plant (Pipper Nigram ) is a perennial evergreen climbing vine which produces small berries . There are several verities of pepper plant  in Sri Lanka including two imported verities. Pepper can be grown as mono crop or as a mixed crop with tea or coconut plantations.

There are two major types of pepper products  as Black pepper (fully matured unripe berries) & white pepper (fully ripe berries).

Black pepper is graded as Grade I special, Grade I, FAQ Grade and Light barriers.

Further categorizations are existed as

Black Pepper: 500GL, 550GL, 600GL & Powder

White pepper: 550 – 600GL & Powder