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the story of Pure Ceylon cinnamon

Ceylon cinnamon is a world famous spice which is one of best spice that you can find in Sri Lanka. Cinnamon has been used by human before thousand years to the present. Demand for this Miracle product has been increased day by day due to its medicinal value.

Sri Lankan Cinnamon products are mainly derived from the Cinnamomum zealanicum (Commercial planting verity) tree, belongs to the family Lauraceae. Plant can be grown up to 10 – 15 meters, but can be maintained as a bush 2.5 – 3 meters to get multiple stems when farming.

In Sri Lanka cinnamon was originated in the central hills but now the farming can be seen concentrated in Southern area of the country including the southern coastal line. Ceylon cinnamon also nicknamed as true cinnamon which does not contain coumarin unlike other types,  so True cinnamon is only can be found in Sri Lanka.

Harvesting can be done twice for a year when the plantation / plants get matured for 2 – 2.5 years. Top Branches of the plant with enough maturity are removed for the peeling and peeling procedure is done inside the peeling sheds by the traditional experienced peelers. People living nearby this farming area are the experts for this process and their techniques are unique.

pure true cinnamon
True cinnamon grades chart
Cyelon cinnamon grades Source : Srilanka cinnamon 

Bark peels of the cinnamon harvest are arranged as tightly packed rolls which are known as “Quills” after indirect sun drying process. Locally allowed moisture content should be maintained below 15% and quills are indirectly sun dried to decrease the moisture content.

Reddish- brown wraps can be observed on some peels which are known as “Foxing” and it’

“!s directly affected to the quality of the cinnamon. The more foxing there is, the lower the quality of the Cinnamon.

The higher grade cinnamon is tightly wrapped, lowest foxing amount and with fine edges.

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