About Ceylonbiofarms

We are living in a world where we consume foods & beverages are processed inside huge factories, Manufactures who seek for the money. People have been adapted to flow with the society by doing anything to earn money.

But Man has been adapting to an artificial world where everything is processed artificially by their hands. But where we should devote our consideration is “does human body accept all these artificially processed stuff? “ If you are a person who is spending a busy lifestyle definitely you may be worried about these words, artificial foods, processed foods, toxins, diseases ….

How do we can get rid of this headache?

The only way is to get closer again to Nature.

Ceylonbiofarms comes to you with the concept of “Making peoples lifestyles healthier & fruitful by making them closer to Nature”. That’s why Ceylonbiofarms always give priority to provide you the best Natural food solutions.

CeylonBiofarms can ensure you the quality & the safety of our products as we always give our maximum effort to produce our foods with minimum human involvement, making minimal changes to the foods to keep the freshness as the way nature present it to us. That’s how we are able to give you the impression “Feel the Nature”.

We collect our foods directly from the small traditional farmers as well as from our farming strengths to make sure your food comes to your hand with minimum processing steps, serve it to you as the way it was presented by nature.

Our intention

intention is to promote the traditional small farmers who use traditional method instead of artificial ways to farm the foods.

This is a concept that we are trying to make a trend and spread it to the world that “Make sure a healthier future of the earth & lifestyle of human by consuming foods as the way it is from the nature to your hand, & be closer to nature again.”

This trend will reduce the number of factories who emitted tons of toxins to the nature, reduces buildings in the world to give more space to nature spread again, will reduces the damage we have been doing to the nature by reducing the pollution, and will allow  nature to embrace us again.

Ceylonbiofarms is not just a business, but a sustainable business network with the partners from many countries such as Australia, Indonesia, China, Europe, and an organization of personals who are trying to save the nature.